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Synk is a  game made for the  LOWRESJAM 2019.
Creation Time for the version 1.0 was from the 1st to 17th August, 2019.

Updates v1.2 - 13.10.2019 Feature complete release

Changes and bugfixes:
- Implemented robot enemies.
- Level re-design, added third level.
- Added additional SFX for activities and actions in-game.

Updates v1.1 - 18.08.2019 Bugfix release 

Changes and bugfixes:
-Increased walk velocity by factor 1.8.
-Corrected collision volumes in some rooms.
-Corrected key placements to previously inaccessible areas.
-Misc. structural changes to the 3D entity tree in levels (maintenance).


Navigate through the lost deep sea base and find out what happened to the crew. Explore the area and search everything to find out where they all went after their silence...

The game can be termed a walking simulator with a strong and single focus on exploration and investigation.


    LEFT MB - Select & Hold to scroll while over UI buttons
    WASD - Move,     MOUSE - Look,    E - Pickup / use,    P- Pause menu

- Use containers to find pickups and keycards
- Pickup keycards to open doors


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Hi there, thanks for playing the game. 

I'm still working on features to add in the robots and story elements to tie together the game. 

I plan to release a new patch soon with all the elements which I wanted to add to the game but didn't make it in during the jam.


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As Usual Two Minutes of Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!!

With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!!

Thank you very much for playing the game! Video looks great.