A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is the Game Off 2018 Entry from Micah Koleoso Software (http://www.micahkoleoso.de)

The Jam was running from the 1st November to 1st December, 2018.

The entry consists of a client  and server application and is 2-person multiplayer-only at this time. Pairing for opponents can be done by connecting to the default server or a custom, local version.

Game page for Default server info and news: http://www.micahkoleoso.de/?page_id=724 Please note that this software is pre-Alpha!

Source code and assets for the initial Jam release version will be available here for as long as possible: https://github.com/Hairein/GameOff2018_MKS_Entry. This includes any fixes and changes made to support the jam version.

*** 28th December 2018: Upload of an updated Client/Server v1.0preAlpha2


  • - (Client) First-pass redesign of maps: Morpholite, Sunset and Overlord
  • - (Client) Added ingame chat
  • - (Client) First-pass UI enhancements
  • - (Server) Added client network login duration information.
  • - (Server) Added further client and connection statistics.
  • - (Server) Handle ingame chat with profanity filtering

A default server is up and can be used to try out the game with the client only.

Collect as much Food and Tech resources as possible before the timer runs out, more than your opponent. Most actions are automatically initiated when the Breeder or Drone is near enough to the target. Food is constantly required by all units to survive. The Breeder must not die of hunger or the round will be lost immediately!


  • A) Faster Drone speed or reduce unit Food usage [Cost: F:1000 T:1125] 
  • B) Increase max collection volume for Food or Tech [Cost: F:1200 T:1125] 
  • C) Barricade build or break capability [Cost: F:2000 T:1125] 
  • D) Absorb opponent Food or Tech when stationary [Cost: F:2500 T:1125]


  • LEFT - Select Breeder or Drone. Click and drag to rectangle-select. In barricade placement mode, the barricade is built at click location if resources are sufficient
  •  MIDDLE - Pan the map 
  • RIGHT - Set navigation target for selected units.


  • ESC - (toggle) Show/hide menu ingame
  • S - (press) Stop unit navigation immediately P - (hold) Build barricade mode [Breeder Resource Cost per Barricade placed: F: 250 T: 250]
  • B - (hold) Destroy barricade mode
  • F - (hold) Feed the Breeder Food from all nearby drones T - (hold) Feed the Breeder Tech from all nearby drones
  • D - (hold) Drone spawn mode [Breeder Resource Cost per Drone placed: F: 750 T: 500]


MKS_ScamperFields_Clientv1.0preAlpha2_Windowsx86.zip 65 MB
MKS_ScamperFields_Serverv1.0preAlpha2.zip 320 kB
MKS_ScamperFields_Clientv1.0preAlpha_Windowsx86.zip 49 MB
MKS_ScamperFields_Serverv1.0preAlpha.zip 311 kB

Install instructions

Please note that this software is pre-Alpha!

*** 28th December 2018: Upload of an updated Client/Server v1.0preAlpha2

See the readme.md for details.


The download MKS_ScamperFields_Clientv1.0preAlpha*_Windowsx86.zip can be unpacked into any folder, then run the GO2018_MKS_Client.exe by clicking on it as any other application in Windows is started. Note this is a 32-Bit build for both x32 and x64 Windows OSes, tested on Windows 10 only.


The download MKS_ScamperFields_Serverv1.0preAlpha*.zip can be unpacked on any computer in a network or the internet, and provides a server for the game. Initially, the server broadcasts on port 13000, but this can be configured at runtime by passing the port number as a command line parameter, e.g. "GO2018_MKS_Server.exe 13000" when starting the server application.

To run the .NET/Mono server under Linux/Mac OS you need to have a recent Mono runtime installed. Then start the server from within the unpacked Release folder with the command line: "mono GO2018_MKS_Server.exe" 

A default server running is provided by me for public pairing and access to online matches, and the client accesses this server when the option "default" is chosen. Otherwise, a locahost or custom server access can be configured during client start-up..

Information on updates and default server downtimes will be provided on the game page at Game page for Default server info and news: http://www.micahkoleoso.de/?page_id=724.

Client and server verisons are compatible with the same version designation only.

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