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Escape from the restrictive Government of your previous life to a bright future in Freedom! Swim through 3 levels to reach your final goal, the land you have always dreamed of!

This game was made for and during the Itch.io #Resistjam event running from the 3rd to 12th March, 2017.

The game is an arcade vertical downwards scroller with player movement, shooting elements, enemy avoidance and testing for hand/eye coordination.


(GAMEPAD) <Keyboard> - ACTION

(Trigger Right) W - Swim Forward

(Trigger Left) S - Swim Backward

(X) Arrow Left - Turn Left

(B) Arrow Right - Turn Right

(Y) Arrow Up - Throw Cash (Destroys the enemy)

(A) Arrow Down - Throw Cigarettes (Stuns the enemy for 5 seconds)

(Start) P - Toggle Pause ingame

(Back) ESC - Leave ingame level or quit game from title screen

See the readme file again for the controls, and they are shown ingame when a new game is started.


MKS_POTE_Win_x86_v1_0.zip 7 MB

Install instructions

The game is distributed as a ZIP. Unpack anywhere after downloading and start the executable 'MKS_ResistJamGame2017.exe' with a click, it's found found within the top hierachy of the unpacked folder.

The game stores the settings in a file called 'settings.txt' within the main folder but can work without writing to it if prevented through access rights etc.

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