A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

The game was initially started as part of the LOWREZJAM 2020 which ran from the 1st to 17th August, 2020.

Since this game is currently not finished on time for submission to the jam, I've decided to post this project to itch.io as a prototype and not submit it to the jam.

The aim of the single-player game would be to take over all islands and use the gained resources to destroy the opponent's carrier and drone force.

There is no game-play currently in the game, basically it's more a tech-demo.

This project is currently in development on Linux using C++, Raylib, Eclipse IDE, Blender, AseSprite, GIMP and Git. The Windows and FreeBSD versions will be updated for every release.

The game is controlled using a mouse and keyboard combination. The vehicle driving is done using WASD to move and turn, and the middle mouse button pressed pans the view of the carrier, the carrier turret and map.

v0.3 Update: Further development.

v0.2 Update: Just miscellaneous bug-fixes.

You can get the older FreeBSD 0.2 preAlpha  version directly from the game page here: https://www.micahkoleoso.de/?page_id=825


NordicBlaze_v0.3preAlpha_Linux_x64.zip 1 MB
NordicBlaze_v0.3preAlpha_Win_x64.zip 947 kB

Install instructions

The prototype can be installed and launched from the itch.io app or the downloaded ZIP can be unpacked. Once unpacked, there should be an executable in the top-level folder. 

Note: On FreeBSD and Linux you may need to launch the executable in a Terminal using ./lowrezjam2020_Nordic_Blaze if clicking it does not start it directly.

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