MKS - Move To Contact

This is the game entry for the Highsight Game Jam #1 - Atari 2600 Remakes

2nd to 12th February 2018.

It's a 1 vs AI or 2 player game based on original Atari 2600 game 'Combat' [].

This game was tested on a current Chrome and Edge browser and requires a gamepad for each player to play. The XBOX 360 controller is strongly suggested to make use of the correct mappings with it.

The game consists of 5 levels and there are some settings available at the round start to include optional mods to the gameplay.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a sound issue while playing the game within the Game Launcher but starting the game directly from the game page works fine.

The game can also be played here:

Updates for Version: 1.1 released 16.02.2018:
- Enhanced the title screen display.
- Added configurable round duration of 1 to 15 minutes.
- Increased score display from 2 to 3 digits due to longer play times available and resulting higher scores possible.
- Reduced round reset duration until playing resumes within the round.
- Added shooting sound for AI tanks.
- Enable AI tank velocity-based movement sound.
- Enhanced AI behaviour for more interesting initial movement to position.
- Enhanced bullet bounce modification.
- Enhanced bullet visibility.

Made withTiled, Phaser
Tags2D, Retro, Tanks

Install instructions

Tested on Chrome and Edge browsers using an XBOX 360 controller only. Requires a controller to access. 

Access the link through a browser to start.


Download v1.0 15 MB

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