A downloadable game for Windows

Developed for the Gbjam5 hosted here.

Metaluna 6 is gearing up for a strike on our good old earth, it's time to launch a pre-emptive strike and destroy their military capability once and for all!

You have been given the Sol Strike fighter Prototype 1 to lash out against those dastardly enemies...

Destroy all enemy ground forces and their installations.


WASD/Game Pad D-Pad - Move player ship/Navigate menus

K/ Game Pad A - Fire/Select menu option

P/ Game Pad B - Toggle pause menu

ESCAPE/ Game Pad Back - Quit game to title, Exit the application


- 3 Player ships

- 5 isometric scrolling levels with rising difficulty.

- Different types of ground-based enemies

- Lots of destructable Ground installations

- Based on the game 'Zaxxon' from the arcades of the 80s

Issues and Incomplete Features (v1.0)

- No music, toggling the menu selection for music has no effect

- The missiles shot by the enemy rocket launchers are a bit wonky ;-) but very deadly!

More information

Published16 days ago
Average durationAbout an hour
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

Download the ZIP and unpack anywhere.

There are various batch files in the top folder to start the game in an appropriate window or fullscreen resolution, or make your own sizes by editing the parameters.


AOM6_Gbjam5MksGame_Win_v1.0.zip (2 MB)


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Crashing on launch :(

Hi there, sorry to read that.

Can I help you anyhow, please provide some more details, which batch file did you start?

Please check that the resolution chosen is supported by your machine, try the windowed batch file starters first. Also, the graphics card needs to be Direct X9c compatible but I assume the problem is the resolution chosen.